Article research

-The first article is appealing firstly due to the suttle background that emphasises the three main images by making them stand out more. Most of the writing is on the top half of the page and is in small font which also makes the pictures stand out which implies to me that the images are the main hook points to the article. The seperate stories on the page are seperated by a different colored box which makes it easier to define the sections of the article.

-The second article has a very different layout to the first, this article focuses mainly on the images to draw the reader in as the focus of the article was such a well known film it didnt need the text to explain the images, there is however a small box of text in the bottom left to briefly explain the images for someone who does not recognize them.






what narrative theories apply to my short story?

there are two narrative theories that largely apply to our film. Strauss has a theory of binary opposites, this can apply to the film i’m making as there is clearly a good and bad character, Strauss believes that in every film there is always a contrast of characters. The second theory that can be applied to my film is that of Todorov’s theory, this is were there is 5 stages to a narrative, these stages are; equilibrium, disruption, realisation, repair and the restoration or new equilibrium. These 5 stages to a narrative can clearly be seen in our film.

poster research.

 This poster is of a romantic film, like most romantic posters the main theme has the two main characters that usually fall in love during the film. the title of the film i feel isn’t as important as the main image which s of the ship that gives the impression thats where they find love.

 This poster is of a comedy film, the main image is of the main characters which are known actors of comedy which implies it is a comedy film. Unlike the romantic posters the title seems to play a large part of the poster and it in itself is meant to have a comedy aspect to it .

 The way the Two main characters are stood and the appearance that they are giving off implies a comedy aspect to the film. However, the main vibe that this poster give is a romantic one. The title down the middle suggests to me that there is a tough journey for them to find love.

Overview of filming.

To begin with we had actors that were not in out media group because we thought that would be the easiest option, however, we found complications when trying to film such as time organisation. This led to us having to act which we found was an easier option as we already knew the expectations of our group and what we wanted in the film.

Whilst filming we all enjoyed it and found that it was a good experience. The shots we used throughout filming ranged from a panning shot to a medium close up. We also realised that not all scenes we wanted to film would be possible, so we had to alter the script and create new scenes that would fit into the story without ruining it.

After each filming session we needed to remember what clothes we wore and not to change our appearence, for example, not having a hair cut as it wouldn’t make sense in the film.

Overall, I feel that this whole filming experience has improved my media skills as before this I had never filmed anything before.