Evaluation of ‘three’s a crowd’ poster.

The photo on the poster insinuates that there is a batlle over the girl in the film, however, the expressions on the characters faces imply that there is a comedic side to this film. Another aspect to the poster that shows it to be romantic is that of the heart in the top right which is drawn in the style of a cartoon which could also represent that this film is quite immature.

The colour of the font cannotes wiith love and romancing. Also, the font can be linked the the colour of the heart wich is also gives a love feel. The actual font itself is seen to be that of the romantic chatagory, because of this i feel that it plays a big part to the poster as getting the correct font for a poster is possibly one of the most important tasks.

On this poster i have tried to keep things as simple as possible as i didnt want to clutter the poster as that can be off putting. I have used one key hook point to draw the attention of the target audience.The main image could also be seen as the main hook point as it is big and bold and would be the initial factor that people see.




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