Shooting the first scene.

shooting the first scene went well, the shots we took consisted of; an establishing shot,  pan shot (for example when getting changed), close up(to help capture reactions) and a two man shot. we also took a range of 3 second shots to edit and fit together. i feel that this filming experience has helped me and my team understand what is needed and expected to create this short film.


Dialogue script for the first scene.

Rough script for the first scene

Tim: she said yes she said yes ( bursts through door)

Dom. Oh … Yeah great mate ( ignoring still playing on xbox)

Tim: I mean I just went up to her and asked. Then she said yes. It was amazing

Dom. Yeah well done mate

Tim. I mean i going to go on a date with Lucy. I can’t believe it

Dom. (pausing the game.) What?

Tim:  I can’t believe it

Dom: No, who you going out with?

Tim: Oh Lauren. Dom you have been out with loads of girls I haven’t gone out with a girl since reception even then I got dummed. Lucy …. ( goes on

(fantasy scene dom and lauren running to each other in a field)

Dom: You have come to the right person my honourable man.  Come and sit.

Tim: ( goes over)

Dom: Right grab your pen and pad its going to get filthy.

Rule 1 – play hard to get. If the girl acts like she isnt having a fun time its just a cover up she is actually having fun

Tim: Right hard to get got it.

Dom: what you going to wear?

TIm: A tux cause i am planning to take her to a fancy restaurant

Dom. Mate no. You are putting to much effort in. Rule number 2 girls love the casual look

Tim. Where should i take her then? and what should i wear?

Dom. You can never go wrong with dominoes its in the name. Also two for tuesday so you wouldn’t have to pay. As for clothes … leave that to me (mischief)

and rule number 3- Girls are gagging for sex so constantly make sexual references.

Tim: really but this is lucy?

Dom: Mate that girl is proper filth!

What you are are wearing now screams desperate. Get ready to be Goked in a straight way my friend.

(Spilt screen of tim and lucy getting ready with music)

Scene ends with both of them walking out the door.

scene by scene plan.

Scene 1 – The talk

charcaters: Tim and dom

Location: Bedroom

Overview- Tim reveals to Dom that he has a date with lauren and asks for advice. But Dom secretly wants to date lauren.

Scene 2- Fantasy

Characters – Lauren and Dom

Location- a field

Overview- Dom fantasies about him and Lauren running through a field to each other.

Scene 3 – Back to the talk

Characters; Tim and dom

Location: Bedroom

Overview- Dom comes out of fantasy and goes back into the talk with tim and gives him bad advice so his date will go wrong

Scene 4- Changing scene 

Characters- Tim and Lauren

Location : Boys bedroom and lauren’s bedroom

Overview; a sequence of shots in a split screen showing both lauren and tim getting ready with non- digetic music.

Scene 5. First date meeting

Characters; Tim and Lauren

Location; Le delimare car park

overview- Tim waits for his date. Lauren comes round the corner all dressed up and have a pan shot.

Scene 6- Dominoes 

Characters; Tim and lauren and Jamie as pizza boy

Location; dominoes

Over view- Waiting awkwardly for pizzas. Tim does a dance to ‘i want to make you sweat.’ Then lauren has to pay for the pizza. then go into car park and eat the pizza.

Scene 7- Girl on the platform

Characters: tim and Lauren

Location; Train station

Overview.- waiting at the train station to go to bath. Tim starts to sing his own version of ‘Girl on the platform. then lauren leaves.

Scene 8- Walk of Shame

Location; Train station

Characters; Tim

Overview; Tim walking out the train station upset that the date hasn’t gone well.

Scene 9- Dom to the rescue

Characters; Lauren and Dom

Location: Out side the Trainstation

Overview. Dom is outside the station in a suit and flower ready to wisk lauren off her feet.

Scene 10- The real date

Characters; Dom and Lauren

Location;Pizza express

Overview- Dom takes lauren to a restaurant and have a romantic meal.

Scene 11- The lonely man

Characters; Tim

Location- Street outside pizza express

Overview- Tim is walking home then goes past the restaurant and sees them in the window.

scene 12- the end of the date

Characters- Tim, dom and lauren

Location; Pizza express and street

overview; Tim is staring through the window at Dom and lauren having a romantic kiss.