Initial ideas. rom com.

The opening scene will be of a set of over the shoulder shots of a conversation of two boys having a ‘team talk’ about a date. the boy gives the one going on the date the worst advice possible such as; wear lots of aftershave, treat ’em mean keep ’em keen. the boy giving the advice also takes the flowers off the one going on the date and takes his suit etc.

the next scene is of the boy going on the date picking the nicely dressed girl up on his moped when he his dressed casually and takes her to domino’s ‘two for tuesday’ as he will save money. the girl then gets a cute text from the other boy asking her out for a romantic meal. every ten minutes the boy is spraying himself with cologne and texting other girls etc.

throughout the whole clip short jump shots to the other boy getting ready, booking the restaurant and buying flowers will be shown.

after the date the two boys have another ‘team talk’ and the boy brags to the other about how well the date went.

a couple of days later the boy see’s his friend in a fancy restaurant with the girl he took out on the bad date.


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