Questionnaire findings.

Frm the ten people we gave the questionnaires to we found that 8/10 prerfer the comedy side to a rom com. Also, 8/10 prefered the main character to be male. Finally, 0/10 like flashbacks to try and help tell the story.

From this information we decided that our rom com will mainly focus on the comedy side of a rom com and there will be two main characters that are male. We decided not to add flashbacks as none of the people questionned liked them and this could ruin our rom com.


Questionnaire for Rom Com research.


Gender: male/female

Age: ……

  1. What’s your favorite Rom Com?
  1. Do you prefer the Romantic or Comedy side to a Rom Com?
  1. What gender do you prefer the main character to be?
  1. Do you like character narration? E.g. scrubs.
  1. Do you find flash backs in films appealing if it helps tell the story?

Do we have your consent to use your results? YES/NO

Rom com research.

50 first dates focusses mainly on the comedic side of a rom com, it mainly does this with the actors chosen to star in the film for example, Adam Sandler mainly  stars in comedy films. however, there are some other features to the film that help with the comedy side for example the situation the characters are presented with, in this case, short term memory loss.

Theres something about Mary also seems to focus on the comedy side. this film uses aspects of reality for example what some people see as being a geek with braces gets a date with an attractive women who everyone seems to want.

John Tucker must die is unlike most rom coms as it focusses on school life which is unrealistic. this film shows how girls plot to destroy a boys popularity and isn’t as much of a rom com as the others, more of a chick flick.

Rom Com Research.

For research into Rom Coms I am looking at 4 well known Rom Coms, these are; 50 first dates, theres something about mary, Date movie and John Tucker must die.

I will show the trailer of each of the films to about 20 people from my target audience.





Initial ideas. rom com.

The opening scene will be of a set of over the shoulder shots of a conversation of two boys having a ‘team talk’ about a date. the boy gives the one going on the date the worst advice possible such as; wear lots of aftershave, treat ’em mean keep ’em keen. the boy giving the advice also takes the flowers off the one going on the date and takes his suit etc.

the next scene is of the boy going on the date picking the nicely dressed girl up on his moped when he his dressed casually and takes her to domino’s ‘two for tuesday’ as he will save money. the girl then gets a cute text from the other boy asking her out for a romantic meal. every ten minutes the boy is spraying himself with cologne and texting other girls etc.

throughout the whole clip short jump shots to the other boy getting ready, booking the restaurant and buying flowers will be shown.

after the date the two boys have another ‘team talk’ and the boy brags to the other about how well the date went.

a couple of days later the boy see’s his friend in a fancy restaurant with the girl he took out on the bad date.